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We are helping you to understand your Cyber Security needs better and find a tailor-made insurance to fill the gap.

Startup, SME & Large

Risk Mitigation

Helping You To Better Understand Cyber Risk, Learn, Assess, Improve And Insure The Rest!

We Help Brokers to Quote Cyber Risk Insurance for their clients in minutes!

Insurer & Reinsurer

Helping Insurers to provide the right Cyber Risk Coverages at the right price... and at the right time!


Cyber Portfolio Accumulation

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A Bit About Us

CyQuant provides the insurance market an innovative and precise tool to quantify, monitor, and mitigate cyber risk.

Our approach is based on knowledge from ETH and the University of Zurich, combined with extensive experience in IT security, modelling, and underwriting.

We provide an innovative platform that helps insurers and reinsurers to understand where risks
 on their portfolio concentrate and enable them to have a proactive approach to handle cyber at the portfolio level.


Our platform helps to raise awareness about system vulnerabilities among risk managers and suggests best practices to remedy it. 

With years of experience, we act as forerunners experts to help re/insurer to quantify their cyber risk.  SMEs to better understand and protect against this risk. 

As cyber risk is an atypical risk for the insurer - more challenging and complex than natural catastrophe risk, for example - it needs a different approach.


We propose and make available a systemic expert approach to underwrite and manage cyber risk. Coping with limited statistics reach, fast-evolving underlying exposure, and elaborate risk segmentation. 

Connecting re/insurer & cyber security


Mission & Vision

CyQuant’s mission is to spearhead the cyber risk insurance industry, making it simple for the final client.


We believe cyber risk needs excellence in underwriting, clarity in communication and simplicity in process.

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