Cyber Solutions from Munich Re

Cyber Solutions from Munich Re

The cyber insurance market has never been as challenging as it is today. With the aim to make the complexity of cyber risks and threats navigable and to keep cyber a profitable line of business, we have invested in over 130 dedicated cyber experts who work closely together: interdisciplinary and across the globe, as well as in a global ecosystem of best-in-class service providers. 

Understanding Cyber

Our strategy is based on really understanding cyber risks, assessing them adequately and making them insurable – in close collaboration between experts from insurance and reinsurance, external partners and with you – our cedants and clients. With our holistic risk transfer solutions, pre- and post-incident services and comprehensive know-how, we have been a market leader for years in this segment and more than a reliable partner. Together with you, we’ve created solutions that go far beyond traditional approaches. And we will keep on developing our products and services as well as investing in our know-how. 

The results of our Global Cyber Risk and Insurance Survey show that there is a significant gap between being aware of the general risk and actively pushing for action. We help you to assess cyber risks easier, to understand them better, and to find the right response. 

State-of-the-art Solutions for Cyber Risks

No matter what kind of support you are looking for – from accumulation control, over reputational risk covers to vulnerability risk assessment. We have the knowledge and experts to help you gain a perspective over this complex threat landscape.

Munich Re offers comprehensive solutions in this regard that go well beyond pure insurance coverage. Besides traditional reinsurance, we offer a comprehensive network covering every aspect of cyber claims, providing you with quick and direct access to professional service providers. 

Our more than 15 years of distinct experience in this still uncharted territory is our commitment to you. This is how we differ from our competition.

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